A behind the scenes look at Vanderbilt music artists working at Vanderbilt Recording Studio and the work that went into the production of their new compilation album West End Blend Volume 8. Produced by Olivia Gordon.
Footage courtesy of Vanderbilt Video Productions. Filmed by Noah Weitzel.
Each fall Vanderbilt Student Communications offers an exciting program exclusively for first-year and transfer students called Media Intensive. During this three-day workshop, participants gain media experience in an active, hands-on environment while building a network of new friends and colleagues. Students in the video production track worked together to create this hilarious piece.
Watch Vandy Taal performing Bhula Dena / Green! Filmed by Stacy Horton, Lanxin Li, and Bimi Ogungbade, and edited by Lanxin Li and Bimi Ogungbade. Produced through Vanderbilt Video Productions.


1 year ago
Jonathan Caldwell's winning submission for the Vanderbilt Video Productions Advertisement Challenge. Students were tasked with creating an advertisement for their favorite part Vanderbilt, and Jonathan shows us his favorite shots of the trees on campus.
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxVanderbiltUniversity, where x = independent
MOSAIC models Vogue's 73 Q's for a virtual 25 Q's for the class of 2025 with the BCC at Vanderbilt. Filmed by Vanderbilt Video Productions
MOSAIC models Vogue's 73 Q's for a virtual 25 Q's for the class of 2025 with the KCPC at Vanderbilt. Filmed by Vanderbilt Video Productions
MOSAIC models Vogue's 73 Q's for a virtual 25 Q's for the class of 2025 with the Women's Center at Vanderbilt. Filmed by Vanderbilt Video Productions
Today I have the honor of speaking with the amazing, Jenny Eden Berk. She is a certified eating psychology coach who has helped thousands of clients (such as myself) overcome their struggles with food.
The first of VVP video challenges is here, kicking off with a TikTok challenge to recreate your favorite movie! Watch the submissions of Marisa Book and Elise Driver here!
Come So Far (Got So Far To Go) sung with featured solos by Remi Williams, Julia Iorio, Liv Donofio, Brennan Skeffington, Peyton Boyd, Meghan McGarry, and background vocals by Jenn Coen, Olivia Dominguez, Devon Cohen, Elena Woodburn, Josh Hunt, Kaicie Kidd, Sam Myrick, Thomas O'Toole, and Zoe Abel.

Come along with me as I take you through a day in my life here at Vanderbilt, including a presidential sighting, the best burrito in Nashville, and an exciting announcement!

Join me today as I take you through what I eat as a college student and how you can recreate these dishes at home. All the meals are super EASY, AFFORDABLE, and HEALTHY- perfect for all you busy college students!

This tutorial is entirely a result of years and years of trial and error, including many baaaaad hair days. But I'm so proud of what my hair looks like today and even more excited to share my tried and true hair routine for those with dry, frizzy hair.

HEY FRIENDS Thanks for stopping by my channel and WELCOME to my COLLEGE APARTMENT! Honestly still surprised that I managed to do it all alone but hey, we made it and I’m so glad y'all were along for the ride. Seriously tho how am I already a senior. Am I even allowed to have my own apartment. Will def be an interesting year... Make sure to subscribe for more videos and apartment/life/college updates. If you have any video requests, let me know in the comments!

Check The Keep Up's review of the College Football National Championship from an SEC athlete herself!

TNC Live

3 years ago

Catch VVP's coverage of TNC from Friday January 24th, 2020!


Catch VVP's coverage of VIDA's Dancing With the 'Dores 2019!

VVP Livestream of Melanated A Cappella: A Melanated Night Out

With the second round of presidential debates coming to a close, there's been some major buzz on Vanderbilt University's campus about the Democratic candidates attempts to appeal to our generation. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!


Vice President Mike Pence visited Nashville, TN on 10/7/19. Vanderbilt University's Keep Up correspondent Madison Foglio is on the scene to fill us in on his visit.


Catch VVP's Live Stream Recording of Global Warming: The Musical of October 11th, 2019

Missed Tongue 'N' Cheek's 9/20/19 performance? Check out VVP's livestream of the show here!


3 years ago
Take a look at why some students who attended this year's Student Media Fair chose Vandy!
When you arrive on campus there's lots of construction. Here's what you need to know.
Second episode of the commons covers series - featuring Noah Luna from San Antonio, Texas.

Vandy Lip Dub

3 years ago
Vanderbilt University students from a wide variety of student organizations came together to participate in this fun music video, which offers a glimpse into life at Vandy.
Third episode of the commons covers series featuring Arielle Kasnetz from New Jersey!

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