Rowing Club Spotlight

published on July 5, 2019

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Professor Milazzo is currently an Assistant Professor of English Department at Vanderbilt University. Her in-class discussion opens up thought-provoking topics about different writers and their opinions presented in the novels. Though the class is challenging, it will definitely have an impact on students' perspectives on certain concept in life!

Vanderbilt Life Flight

3 years ago
A unique look behind the scenes of the Vanderbilt LifeFlight program.

Vanderbilt Rand Bowls

3 years ago
A look at the history and future of the Vanderbilt Dining Rand Bowls. The General Manager of Rand and several students speak about their interest in the bowls.
Random tips on Vanderbilt life from fellow Vanderbilt students.
Professor Rattner currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Cinema & Media Arts and Art Department at Vanderbilt University. He teaches classes in Fundamentals of Production, Documentary Workshop, 16mm Film Production and Senior Seminar. Professor Rattner often provides thoughtful perspective to enhance student works and engage students in class discussion and film critique. His class is an excellent place to learn film theories, practically make movies and explore new ideas.

Anchor Dash

3 years ago
Vanderbilt kicked off this year's season opener with it's annual freshman tailgate and Anchor Dash in which all members of the Class of 2017 run across the field. Learn more about this Vanderbilt tradition.
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