Anchor Dash

published on July 5, 2019

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Rowing Club Spotlight

11 months ago
A look inside the Vanderbilt Rowing club with footage from their recent trip to Fort Walton, Florida.
Vanderbilt freshman, Michael Pollack, recounts his experiences playing with Billy Joel on Vanderbilt's Langford Auditorium stage. An InsideVandy Video by Liz Muller

Vanderbilt Life Flight

11 months ago
A unique look behind the scenes of the Vanderbilt LifeFlight program.
Professor Milazzo is currently an Assistant Professor of English Department at Vanderbilt University. Her in-class discussion opens up thought-provoking topics about different writers and their opinions presented in the novels. Though the class is challenging, it will definitely have an impact on students' perspectives on certain concept in life!

Vanderbilt Rand Bowls

11 months ago
A look at the history and future of the Vanderbilt Dining Rand Bowls. The General Manager of Rand and several students speak about their interest in the bowls.
Random tips on Vanderbilt life from fellow Vanderbilt students.
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