As a quickly growing city, Nashville is experiencing changes in its landscape. The urban tree canopy is one of the features most affected by rapid development and anthropogenic features. In this short documentary, Vanderbilt students interview scientists and activists about the dangers facing trees, the importance of urban forests, and ways Nashville and the campus community can protect local greenery. Vanderbilt students involved in the project were: Bill Badi, Hayes Brenner, Isabelle Edmonds, Fatumata Fofana, Ethan Gibbons (grad student), Ravi Janjam (grad student), Charlotte Rowland, Daniel Shaykevich, Emily Torres, Regan Williams, Michaela Yip, and Alicia Zeng
Drag Queen Performance in Nashville & Behind the Stage (Short Documentary)
Asking the clock repair technician who worked in this profession for more than forty years about how he treats time.
Interview with an artist about her motivation behind her art to eventually answer the question: Why Art?

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